About Natalie Menten - RTD Director and Taxpayer Advocate

My website is a bit different from what you'd normally see for an elected official though there are some out there who are really good at sharing government information.  Senator Kent Lambert is a fantastic source of information especially if you want State of Colorado Joint Budget Information.  

My website illustrates my passion for government transparency which covers state and local agencies. 

I strongly support the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights which requires government to ask voters to approve tax increases.  Many governments are using Certificates of Participation for debt mechanisms yet not asking voters for approval.  That's wrong in my opinion.  Voters don't realize how much debt they're carrying 

Why is government transparency so important?  Because if left to conduct business in secret, those we elect to govern our affairs act in a way they might not otherwise. Regardless of whether you agree with financial transparency as a tool that should be free and accessible to the public - it's hard to disagree that financial transparency saves money.  Government transparency expands the bidding process resulting in lower prices and better products.



Taxpayers and riders deserve to know what happens in the agency.  I know you can't always take the time to keep an eye on governments so that's why you elect someone to go to all the meetings, read all the files and proposals and watch YOUR dollars.


Videos and News Articles:  (click on blue links)

Natalie's Latest Public Meeting 10-26-16 Part 1 Discussing Gold Line, Service Changes and Taxpayer Subsidies

10-26-16 meeting Part 2

10-26-16 meeting Part 3


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RTD Board Director Natalie Menten protests illegal tax hike (YouTube)  The RTD Board had paid lobbyists to include some types of food and drink as taxable which I felt was an illegal and immoral tax, especially since voters didn't get to vote.

Fixing the Bus Stop to the Grocery Store - Natalie works for the entire Denver area (YouTube) 

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Review the RTD Candidate debate on Channel 8  HERE



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