About Natalie Menten - RTD Director

Information is power.  I want you to be a powerful citizen.

My website is a bit different from what you'd normally see for an elected official and illustrates my passion for government transparency.  The more you know - the more you can be part of the process and solutions.

Regardless of whether you agree with financial transparency as a tool that should be free and accessible to the public - it's hard to disagree that financial transparency saves money. Publishing government spending records expands the bidding process resulting in lower prices, better products and services.  Visit the Transparent Spending page to learn more. Unfortunately, some of the data is a bit old and needs to be updated.  The data requests cost money and time so they are on hold until I have time to refresh the databases.


Taxpayers and riders deserve to know what happens in the RTD agency.  


Videos and News Articles:  

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