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The biggest battle Colorado faces is water supply.

Over the next decade we'll see a lot of change in Jefferson County and much of that will revolve around who we elect as our representatives and how they handle rapid development. Jeffco has been mainly a bedroom community for many decades.  Job development has been focused on downtown Denver which creates traffic challenges.  Development can be one of the most controversial issues in a neighborhood so we walk cautiously as these move forward.  For the record, the Regional Transportation District isn't a developer and our focus is supposed to be transportation.  




Government Economic Planning & Tax Increment Financing

At best, economic planning is a crap shoot. And it is controversial when the planners determine it is necessary to infringe upon individual rights in order to accomplish their goals.  

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a tool used in economic development and urban renewal areas.  The use of TIFs has surged over the last 15 years but it's becoming obvious it's not as great as once thought.  Read more...

Understanding that TIFs have been abused, a Colorado law will take effect January 1, 2016 which we hope will help to curb the negative factors which have impacted Jefferson County Government and local governments like fire districts or schools.


Respecting and Working with Property Owners 

As RTD Board Director I take it very seriously when a property owner is harmed due to a public works project.  The RTD West Line has created problems and we're working towards resolving issues such as water ditch flow, easement/license agreements and the safety concerns.  If you encounter a problem, please email me at



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