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Documents associated with finances and development of the FasTracks and RTD bus base system in the Denver Metropolitan area.  



folder RTD - General Manager

The RTD Board of Directors has oversight and authority over the General Manager and negotiates the contract.  These documents relate to reviews, contract and other helpful information.

folder RTD - Other Financial Docs

A wide variety of documents related to financial operations in the Regional Transportation District.  Docs will be added as time allows and new ones are available.


pdf 2015 Financial Performance of all RTD Routes Popular

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pdf Current ECO Pass Pricing - 2016 Popular

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Per board policy we inspect and update pricing every 3 years.  When we increased to this pricing it had been 5 years since the last increase.

pdf DesignLine Board minutes Popular

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pdf FasTracks 2004 Plan Popular

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pdf MAP - Neighborhood RTD NECO Pass Popular

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Though pricing changed January 1, 2016 - the map remained the same.

document Neighborhood Eco Pass (NECO) Guide 2015 Popular

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NECO Guide 2015.doc

Doesn't include the 2016 price changes and updates.

pdf Old ECO Pass Pricing (2015) Popular

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OLD-2015-EcoPass Pricing Info.pdf

pdf RTD - DRCOG Way To Go Vanpool IGA Popular

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IGA describes $947,000 2016 VanPool / Way To Go share ride responsibilities, program is administered thru Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

To view DRCOG's checkbook, make sure to visit my Search Data page. (this check register will be posted soon, just short on time)

pdf RTD Flatiron Flyer; A, B, G, R Line Marketing Costs Popular

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This document is from Spring 2016 and shows the budget line items for opening day events and marketing costs.  A whopping amount of money.  Too much money.

pdf SE Extension Financial & Construction Plan July 2015 Popular

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