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The RTD Board of Directors has oversight and authority over the General Manager and negotiates the contract.  These documents relate to reviews, contract and other helpful information.


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2016 GM Goal Attainment Memo 10-18-16 FINAL.pdf

General Manager Dave Genova's self-evaluation for 2016 job performance.  The General Manager Oversight Committee reviews the self-evaluation and then determines a proposed performance payout aka bonus.  The bonus amount is referred to the entire Board of Directors for discussion and a vote.

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The colored highlighted items are goals that I proposed as I feel the existing goals are too vague and don't set a high bar before a payout bonus is earned.  The committee members felt I was setting too high a bar...

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As far as I know this document was NEVER published online by the Regional Transportation District, not now and not before.  As you'll see it's a paper copy which is marked confidential but it is a public record.

The handwritten notes are my own.

This contract spans three years.  Base salary for 2016 is $275,000 plus benefits; each year there is an automatic $10,000 raise.  On top of the salary the General Manager Oversight Committee will recommend a discretionary payout, this will be voted on by the Board of Directors.

For the record, here's the vote to approve this contract.

General Manager Contract: The motion passed with 13 members in favor (Anderson, Archuleta, Bagley, Deadwyler, Folska, Francone, Hoy, James, Lubow, Sisk, Solano, Tobiassen, Walker) and two opposed (Lasater, Menten).



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