Vote No on Lakewood 2D

The City of Lakewood wants to keep our tax refunds for nine years.

There is strong community opposition to this ballot measure and I personally would urge you to vote NO.

Do not forfeit and surrender your tax refunds. 

For the years 2017-2018, the refund should be $180* per individual voter.
For a husband and wife this would be $360*.
That's just for starters.

The refund amounts for the following seven years could amount to hundreds of dollars more.

If you've explored the rest of my website you will see a focus on how governments spend our money.  The City of Lakewood is no exception to wasteful spending.

Years ago, we the citizens fought to get the city's check register on the internet. The check register format is still not very friendly as you have to search categories and then
essentially copy and paste the information.  The city could have put up a spreadsheet or CSV to easily download the file, but why do that - citizens may actually get the information easily...that's not government's goal typically.

That issue aside, the city of Lakewood has clearly demonstrated they waste money.

They will promise that our tax refunds will be spent wisely but they promised that during the last sales tax increase.


For more information, visit Save Our Refunds Lakewood.

*refund method should be a community discussion but the Save Our Refunds committee recommends a check payout instead of a credit to property taxes or stormwater fees so that renters also get a refund from their overcollected taxes.