Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

The City of Lakewood is making plans to place a de-TABOR issue on the 2018 ballot.

I would oppose this issue as it would eliminate the TABOR tax refund for Lakewood citizens. While the economy is riding on a high at this moment, the cost of housing in the Denver metro area has dramatically increased.  Those on fixed-incomes can use their TABOR tax refund to make necessary purchases.  Giving up the right to TABOR refunds takes away the rights of future generations to decide how much government should grow.  I'm strongly opposed to the effort to de-TABOR.

For more information, visit Save Our Refunds Lakewood.

Find out more about the Colorado Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. Click HERE

Another source of information is TABOR YES


Other Potential 2018 Ballot Issues

Several groups in are in the final stages of getting petition signatures to secure positions on the 2018 ballot. 

Possible ballot items:

1.  Eliminate the 4.62% single-rate income tax and replace with a variable rate up to 8.25%.  This would penalize those who work harder and make more money.  I'm opposed to eliminating the flat and equal tax rate. 

2.  Increase statewide sales tax for transportation.  Statewide tax revenue has increased at roughly a billion dollars each year but transportation hasn't been funded. Solve the problem but don't throw more money in the pot until the fix is identified.  We continue to reward electric cars with thousands of dollars in tax credits but the owner doesn't chip-in to the system via gas taxes.  Gas taxes go to other entities instead of fixing the roads.  Digging a deeper hole doesn't solve the problem.

3. Cap check cashing institutions at a set percentage rate.  I would oppose this issue as it tampers with a free-market solution.

4. Fair-market compensation paid to property owners when their property value is negatively affected by government rules.  I support this issue.


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