Government Planning

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The biggest battle Colorado faces is water supply.

Over the next decade we'll see tremendous change in Jefferson County.  Growth is good for the economy but we need to weigh the risks in our desert climate. 

Many Lakewood citizens have become concerned about the high-density planned next to the rail stations.  If the area had been vacant this dramatic plan wouldn't be as much of a concern.  Citizens are acting properly to be concerned about the impact.  It is unknown at this time whether the citizen initiative will indeed be placed on the November 2018 ballot.




Respecting and Working with Property Owners 

As RTD Board Director I take it very seriously when a property owner is harmed due to a unexpected consequences.  At this time we have two main concerns:

1.  The increased criminal activity surrounding the Wadsworth Station.  Patrols have been increased to address these issues.

2.  The long-standing water supply problem to the Lakewood Heights Mutual Water Company is on-going and has become complicated further by the addition of the bicycle path.