folder Regional Transportation District - RTD

Documents associated with finances and development of the FasTracks and RTD bus base system in the Denver Metropolitan area.  



folder Denver Transit Partners Eagle Project

Files about the A-Line, B-Line, and G-Line in the Regional Transportation District. These lines were built by Denver Transit Contractors (DTC). They are now operated under a concessionaire agreement with Denver Transit Partners (DTP).

folder North Metro Rail Line

All files related to North Metro Rail Line.

folder Reimagine RTD

Audio and files from ReImagine RTD processes.

folder RTD - Financial Docs

A wide variety of documents related to financial operations in the Regional Transportation District.  Docs will be added as time allows and new ones are available.


pdf FasTracks 2004 Plan Popular

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audio RTD Reimagine Dec 12 2019 Advisory Group 2nd Meeting Popular

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2019-12-12 Reimagine RTD Advisory Committee-clean.mp3

audio RTD Reimagine Oct 10 2019 Advisory Group 1st Meeting Popular

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2019-10-10 Reimagine RTD Advisory Committee-clean.mp3

Introductory meeting for the Regional Transportation District ReImagine Advisory Group.

Overview to participants and breakout session results.

Note: sections were eliminated from raw audio as there was extreme chatter (aka excitement). I tried to retain only sections of clear audible discussion.

pdf SE Extension Financial & Construction Plan July 2015 Popular

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