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pdf April4 2018 coverletterwithpricing NMRL finalsubmission Popular

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Final submission for North Metro Rail Line operations and maintenance. This submission was considered an "unsolicited proposal" by RTD staff and not brought to the board's attention until months later.

pdf Faithful and Gould Billing for Monte Carlo Assessment Popular

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Billing for Monte Carlo scenario on North Metro Rail Line. Note: the risk register provided in the assessment was provided by RTD which creates questions as to unbiased analysis.

pdf Monte Carlo Risk Analysis with highlighted disclaimer NorthMetroRail Popular

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Note: The risk register included in this assessment was provided by RTD staff and was not compiled by Faithful & Gould. The only function that Faithful & Gould provided was a Monte Carlo scenario based upon RTD's presentation.

See Faithful and Gould disclaimer highlighted on page 5.


Taxpayers paid $60,000 for this assessment.

Considering the risk register was provided by RTD and neither Denver Transit Partners nor Denver Transit Operators were involved in this assessment, this report cannot be defined as an unbiased analysis.

Furthermore, RTD at this time doesn't operate a commuter rail line further adding to why you should take a gram of salt with the assessment report.


pdf Sept 2017 DTO DTP Pricing North Metro Rail Operations Maintenance Popular

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3rd pricing proposal from DTP/DTO for Operations/Maintenance North Metro Rail Line. A fourth proposal was submitted in April 2018 to address comments.

pdf Transcript Request for Independent Audit of North Metro Rail Line Ops/Maintenance Popular

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Transcript from RTD Financial Administration and Audit Committee Recommended Action to procure an independent audit of operation and maintenance of the North Metro Rail Line. Bias was present from both parties. Large cost differences were present. RTD projections have historically been misrepresented on large capital projects e.g. FasTracks sold to voters at $4.7 billion (inflated) and currently at $5.6 billion. The northwest rail isn't budgeted for completion until 2044, and unknown ETA for the SW Extension, Central Extension, and North Metro past 124th. Total cost unknown. Factors such as generated the request for an independent audit to remove bias and present a like-to-like comparison. The vote to proceed with an audit failed on an 11-3 vote. Menten, Mihalik, and Folska voting for an independent audit.