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A wide variety of documents related to financial operations in the Regional Transportation District.  Docs will be added as time allows and new ones are available.


pdf Mobility Choice Blueprint - CDOT, DRCOG, RTD & Denver Metro Chamber Popular

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Document presented to Denver Regional Transportation District in July/Aug 2016.  Came to the RTD board for initial discussion September 6th.

There are some very serious concerns about this document, especially that taxpayers will be funding the $1.5 million but it goes to a non-profit - meaning the taxpayers really don't have oversight.

As you'll see towards the end of the document, it clearly states in their own words that this could lead to a 2018 ballot issue.

pdf RTD Salaried Benefits Synopsis Popular

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2016 Salaried Benefits Synopsis_Word.pdf

Salaried employee's benefit plan description with taxpayer responsibility.