Taxpayer's Bill of Rights Works!

This taxpayer protection was placed into our constitution by the voters in 1992.

TABOR keeps the size of our government in check so that we can successfully make it through rough times.

The constitutional measure allows reasonable government growth based upon population growth and inflation. This ensures that the government grows at a similar rate to the economy. Without TABOR, as we saw prior to enactment in 1992, government size grows and becomes bloated.

When government collects too much in taxes from us, they are required to refund the over collection.

TABOR also requires that governments ask for our approval of tax increases and incurring debt. Who doesn't want to have a say in how much we are taxed? Bureaucrats.
Tax-n-spenders and cronies decided they are sick and tired of being required to get our consent on government growth so they have put Proposition CC on the ballot to permanently eliminate these reasonable controls.

Each and every Colorado voter will have the ability to vote on Proposition CC. Ballots will be sent out around October 15, 2019 and election day is November 5th.

I hope you'll join me in voting NO on Proposition CC.




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Interested in participating in the pro and con statements that are due September 20, 2019?

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