Taxpayer's Bill of Rights Works!

This taxpayer protection was placed into our constitution by the voters in 1992.

TABOR keeps the size of our government reasonable (though based upon hefty tax revenue growth, many would like stricter rules).

The constitutional measure allows reasonable government growth based upon population growth and inflation which ensures that the government grows at a similar rate to the economy. Without TABOR, government size becomes bloated.

When government collects too much in taxes from us, they are required to refund the over collection.

TABOR also requires that governments ask for our approval of tax increases and incurring debt.

Who doesn't want to have a say in how much we are taxed? Bureaucrats and lobbyists funded by our tax dollars.


Tax-n-spenders claim that state government can't keep up with population growth. That claim is false. TABOR uses population growth as part of the revenue increase formula.


Bureaucrats claim that TABOR doesn't allow them to save money. That claim is false. TABOR actually requires a minimum 3% emergency reserve. Some politicians and political bodies have figured out how to violate that by taking CASH reserves and replacing them with capital such as a building. In this scenario, ask your elected official if they supported such a move and if they state that "they" didn't make that decision, tell them you want it reversed and put the cash back into the emergency reserve.


Spending Chart - Colorado State Government 1994-2018
You may be told by some politicians that our spending is around 30 million, in fact, the spending is over $40 billion. I'll update this chart with the 2019 actual spending once I have time.


 Colorado State Government Spending 1994-2018